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Monday, August 20, 2012

In Assange Asylum, Ecuador Stands Against Neo-colonialist Policies

This morning, we posted "In Assange Asylum, Ecuador Stands Against Neo-colonialist Policies" (authored with Roger Burbach) and I have received a broad range of seemingly contradictory reactions:

Thank you. Good article that touches on some important and current topics.


  Well, I am glad to see you can now write half an article on Correa without attacking him. I take it that is an implicit self-criticism of your previous continual attacks on him.
    Maybe in a few years you will also mention that there was a failed U. S. coup against the Correa government, and that your "left" friends in Ecuador, which you mention in the second half of your article, supported it. 


Thanks to you both for this article.
BEST wishes!


This reads like propaganda for Mr. Correa. Granting asylum to Mr. Assange is commendable of the Ecuadorian current government but it is also a stunt to attract attention to Mr. Correa's government and continue its seemingly progressive image while incarcerating any resistance from the Ecuadorian society, especially runakuna. Putting Ecuadorian people in prison for voicing their opinion or disagreement overrides the "good gesture" of asylum to a foreigner who has not contributed in any way to the betterment of Ecuador. Has Mr. Burbach or Mr. Becker spent time in the Ecuadorian jails? Have these two men any idea of such an experience?
Please do not make Lasa a forum for Mr. Correa's "good side".   


good piece- square and informative (daring title, piece is more balanced).
i'll have to follow up on these issues. there is so much opposition from the left of Correa and Dilma despite their very leftist positioning in intl politics...

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